Chimp Rewriter 2.1.4907 Released

Boy did the last release create some buzz. But not for the right reasons 🙁 Version 2.1.4904 contained so many changes that we delayed its release by a whole week allowing it to be rigorously tested. Unfortunately it turns out that this was not enough! A number of users have reported startup issues with crashes

Chimp Rewriter 2.1.4904 Released

A MASSIVE Chimp Rewriter update is now available! We have addressed more than 60 improvements, bug fixes and feature requests. This is a mandatory update. The update can be downloaded from This version comes with a brand new and VASTLY IMPROVED English thesaurus. The way we select the quality of synonyms and phrases has

A Real Comparison Of SpinChimp Vs the Competition

Recently a SpinChimp user posted on a popular internet marketing forum (BlackHatWorld) about his experience of using SpinChimp Pro and one of our competitors. The competition he refers to is probably the next best choice you will find, but in his words “There really is no comparison”. A screenshot of the post is below (with

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