Chimp Rewriter v3.1 Official – Beta is over!

The new version of Chimp Rewriter is here, and beta is now over.

That means that it is now much more stable, and there are a bunch of things that you asked for which are now new features of the app.

The most requested new features are:

  • the ability to generate full spintax out of Tip Creator, NSpin and multimedia scrapers, instead of the special Chimp spintax
  • Autosave of sessions – open tabs are automatically restored when you open the software, including unsaved docs
  • Addition of Chimp Rewriter 2 languages e.g. Dutch, Portuguese and more
  • Startup tips to help you get the most out of Chimp Rewriter
  • Save As different file types directly from spin & preview

And here is the full list of changes and improvements of Version 3.1.5447:

New: Option for persistent sessions (enabled by default) to save on exit and restore on load all open files and unsaved texts. Unsaved texts are saved into a temporary file and restored into new documents on application load.

New: Ability to load load Chimp Rewriter 2 Thesauri. This dramatically increases the languages available to Chimp Rewriter 3.

New: Option in the settings form to enable or disable Chimp Spintax Extensions. Spintax extensions are used to increase the number of spin variations and reduce the size of the file. Disabling Spintax extensions allows Spintax to be directly copied from the editor into a third party application. Extensions can be use dby the Tip Creator, N-Spin and Multimedia scrapers.

Fixed: Resolved several bugs with Rapid Rewrite.

Fixed: Incorrect identification of Spintax error.

Fixed: Occasional crash when selecting words in the Synonym Selector.

New: Added Unicode support for spell checking, selected word highlighting and Quick View pane.

New: Added ability to select spelling dictionaries. Spell dictionaries are set to Automatic by default and follow the selected thesaurus. However, the user can now manually set a spell dictionary allowing for example English UK spelling to be used with the English thesaurus.

New: Added startup Tips to assist new users to rapidly learn all the features of Chimp Rewriter.

New: Added two new save types to the Profile editor. This includes: Save as Plain Text (convert HTML to plain text and remove HTML tags) and save as Rich Text.

Fixed: Default save profile has been changed to Text to stop inadvertent stripping of HTML tags.

New: Added dropdown selection to Spin & Preview Save All to allow the user to save as any file type.

Fixed: Paragraph spin sometimes adds additional leading carriage returns when spun.

Fixed: Spin All and Replace All in Synonym Selector now work with multi-word selections.

New: New option in settings form to enable Auto Save to create a backup file of the file when it was last manually saved. Therefore, if auto save inadvertently overwrites the file, the user can restore the previous contents from the backup file.

New: Added new options in settings form to select Word Run, Copyscape duplication and similarities highlight colors.

Fixed: Quick View pane sometimes loses synch with the main editor and selects the wrong text.

New: Spell check may now be disabled on all documents using a dropdown on the Spelling button in the Edit menu.

Fixed: Fixed several spelling mistakes in the tooltip help.

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