Can Chimp Rewriter be used as an alternative to Power Article Rewriter?

Short Answer: Yes!

Power Article Rewriter is a content spinner that was relatively popular in 2011. It looks a little something like this…


Some Chimp Rewriter users have come across from Power Article Rewriter for various reasons. The most common of these is that the software no longer seems to be maintained.

If you are looking for Power Article Rewriter and either can’t find the original site or just want an alternative, Chimp Rewriter is a replacement that will definitely work for you.

By comparison, here is what Chimp Rewriter looks like.


The main functions present in Power Article Rewriter are the ability to add synonyms, and to generate unique versions of that article after this is completed.

Adding Synonyms

To add synonyms in Chimp Rewriter, simply click on a word or highlight a phrase in the text. Then, use the Synonym Selector found on the left hand side of the screen to quickly add synonyms.

Alternatively, right click on a word to see a list of synonyms displayed right next to that word.

Finally, you can use the Rapid Rewriter found at the bottom of the screen, which shows all synonyms available for an entire sentence at once. This lets you very quickly spin a large amount of synonyms for both words and phrases.

Creating Unique Variations

To replicate this functionality, in Chimp Rewriter, navigate to the “Spin & Preview” option in the ribbon bar at the top.

This will show you multiple variations of the article, and give you a percentage value of how different they are from each other. You can generate up to 1000 copies, and then select the spun variations which are most unique from each other. This goes one step further than Power Article Rewriter!

If you’re looking for a new article rewriter, try out Chimp Rewriter!

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