It’s here: Chimp Rewriter 3 – The best article spinner just got better

It’s finally here…

Chimp Rewriter 3 makes a ton of massive improvements on Chimp 2, and it is now available to everyone, in Beta. It will happily install in parallel with Chimp 2, so if you have any issues you can fall back on version 2.

All trials have been reset, so if you would like to trial version 3, just download using the link below and register with your email address.

The whole app has been rewritten from the ground up to improve on basically every single part of the software. There’s a bunch of new features, as well as loads of optimisations to make it way faster and easier to use.

Some of the biggest things to look out for:

  • Sentence rewriting and restructuring which is automatically updated as Chimp learns new ways of doing it
  • Spin tree and spin builder
  • The spin and preview pane lets you generate 1000 copies and find the most unique variations out of those
  • Finding articles, images and videos is simpler, faster, and nicer to use
  • Add links to your sites easily
  • Simplified projects
  • Big improvements to most tools
  • Special spintax which adds huge variation without adding so much spintax to your article that you can’t read it any more (more to come on this)
  • Quick spin view


It’s really important to note that Projects in Chimp 3 are NOT compatible with projects in Chimp 2, so these will not carry over. This is why you can install Chimp 3 in parallel, so you can make sure you cut everything over.

This is still Beta release, so please let us know if you find any issues so we can fix them right away.

This is the only link to download at the moment. It is not available via auto update, or via the downloads page due to Beta status.

Decide You Love It?

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