A couple of neat ways to make extra money with Chimp Rewriter

Recently we were asked about some ways to make money with Chimp, outside of the usual methods of spinning and rewriting for SEO. This is a massive benefit of using a manual article spinner over 100% automatic methods.

There are a few ways you can make some extra cash using Chimp Rewriter.

  1. Post your services on oDesk, Black Hat World or Warrior Forum as a manual spinner. Let people know what you have to offer and tell them what you will do for a price. Essentially, you’ll want to take an article and add spintax to it for a fee, or simply rewrite an existing article. You can charge more for higher levels of uniqueness.
  2. Write and spin an article from scratch. The same as above but you create the article as well. You can use the built in research tools for this or simply write from scratch, depending on the client’s requirements
  3. Sell ultraspinnables. Take an article and heavily spin it. By heavily, we’re talking 2-3 variations of each paragraph, 5+ variations of each sentence as well as word and phrase level spins. You can sell the result multiple times, as there are a HUGE number of permutations. This is exactly what Vita over at The Leading Articles does, and makes good money doing so. Another option could be selling each resultant article, but make it very clear what you are selling. Pawning them off as completely original articles will get you in trouble.

If you are using Chimp in this manner, try building up your own thesaurus of favourites over time, giving rewrites your own personal style just my using the global synonyms or favourite synonyms feature.

You can get a nice little supplement income by doing this

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