Chimp Rewriter 3.5.6200 is here with loads of improvements

As this amazing and unpredictable year comes to end, we have just finished polishing off the latest release of Chimp Rewriter. It’s been a hectic year for us and consequently a long time since the last update. However we’ve finally found some time to give the Chimp a makeover and update it to the latest .NET framework to ensure maximum Windows 10 compatibility. This revision of Chimp has some extra features, lots of small improvements, numerous updates and many bug fixes.

Please head over to to download the latest version of Chimp Rewriter.

Here’s some of the many changes:

  • A new “Spin Cleaner” dialog has been added to the Rewrite tab to apply various post auto spin functions to your copy, making auto-spun documents a lot cleaner and more readable. The Spin Cleaner allows you to build and maintain a list of words that can be automatically replaced after a spin. For example, say you hail from the UK and hate that US spelling of “specialized”. Just add an auto replace for the word “specialized” with the word “specialised”. You can also use this feature to fix spin issues like removal of a synonym from commonly spun words. For example, you can replace “{hello|hi|howdy|” with “{hello|hi|”. There is also an option in the Global Synonyms dialog to automatically run the Spin Cleaner after you perform a Global Spin.
  • Article, video, image and website searches no longer require you to sign up to Bing API. We now offer free access to websearch services through our dedicated API subscription.
  • We have implemented a new chrome based browser to allow you to see exactly how your articles will look on a modern HTML5 browser.
  • We’ve added the ability to Spin & Compare dialogue to filter articles by percentage (only enabled if > 60% spin difference).
  • Article finder has been updated and now has improved capabilities for scraping articles.
  • Improved DPI auto-scaling for high resolution/high DPI monitors.
  • Fixed Grammarly grammar checking integration.
  • Fixed Yandex translation services integration.
  • Fixed Article scraper integration with several article services.
  • Word AI results are now HTML decoded to remove HTML codes.
  • Fixed several issues that may cause Chimp to freeze on startup.
  • Many more minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

Note that Chimp now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2. This ensures the latest compatibility with Windows 10. The framework will automatically download during installation if you need it. However, you can manually download and install from here if you really want to.

Please feel free to provide us with your feedback on Chimp. How do you use it? Which features work best for you? Which features need improving? Where have we missed the mark? What have we stuffed up? Please let us know so we can improve Chimp Rewriter for you and everyone else.

By the way, we have a long running Uservoice channel with feature requests from many current and past users. Please drop on by and vote for existing features or add your own. We have added nearly 90 features as a direct result of Uservoice requests.

In case you forgot, the update can be downloaded from

Until next time 🙂

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