Chimp Rewriter API Update Summary

Looks like the API update has gone very smoothly, with zero reports of any downtime or issues. Awesome 🙂

It may take a while for other software to make changes to their Chimp Rewriter API integration, so the new features may not be immediately available. We will attempt to get in contact with most of these. If there are any particular that you use on a regular basis and want us to contact, drop us a comment below.

There are quite a few changes to how the API works, including the way we count requests. Here is a quick summary:

  • New methods
  • More options and more advanced spinning
  • Modifications to how credits are counted/used
  • All returned values in JSON
  • Availability of SSL

New Methods

While all the old API methods continue to work, all of them have been replaced with new variations that make loads of improvements.

GlobalSpin becomes ChimpRewrite
GenerateSpin becomes CreateSpin
QueryStats becomes Statistics

The documentation for these new methods can be found here:

Advanced Rewriting

ChimpRewrite is an exact replica of the auto rewriting built into the Chimp Rewriter software, and incorporates automatic sentence rewriting and other intelligence tools. You can switch these on by setting the advanced parameters. These are more of a strain on our servers, and incur additional costs on the traditional API.

Credit/Usage Counting

API ‘credits’ have replaced the old ‘queries’, and are now calculated monthly for both Pro and API-only subscriptions. This means if you used to have a 100 daily limit, you have been converted to a 3000 monthly limit (100 x 30 days). If you have both an API and a Pro subscription, your totals are added together for your total monthly allowance.

One credit gets you:

  • 5000 words rewritten using standard ChimpRewrite (10000 words uses two credits)
  • 500 words rewritten using advanced ChimpRewrite (if sentencerewrite or grammarcheck are set to ‘1’
  • A generated spin using CreateSpin

Requests and Responses

All parameters are now accepted at POST parameters, and all responses are returned in JSON. More detail is available at

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