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The new version of Chimp (v3.1.5554) is here! It has more than 50 new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Important: This version requires you to uninstall the previous version first!

Some of the great new features include:

  • Spintax synonyms can now be hidden within the editor with only the synonyms at the cursor position displayed. This handy time-saving feature un-clutters the editor making it easier to edit and determine spin coverage. This feature is available by toggling the “Hide Synonyms” button in the Review section on the Write menu.
  • We are trialling a new Translation service allowing articles to be sourced and converted from many languages. This feature uses the current thesaurus language to determine the destination language. Simply drop your article into the main editor, ensure you have the desired destination language selected by clicking the Thesaurus label in the status bar, and click the Translate button in the Language section of the Write menu. As this is a trial, only a limited number of translations are allowed per day.
  • The Chimp workspace can now be saved on shutdown and automatically restored on load. This includes all open documents and unsaved texts. To enable, select “Restore session on startup” from the Save & Restore section of the settings form.
  • Chimp now supports separate language selection of both the thesaurus and spelling dictionaries. For example, you can now use the US thesaurus with the UK spelling dictionaries. To select a spelling dictionary, click the Spelling label in the status bar and select the desired language from the dropdown.
  • To help you learn the fetaures of Chimp faster, we now display a handy random tip (that can be disabled) when Chimp is first started. The Tips are aimed at intermediate users and generally show helpful information about a feature or method that will save hours of work.
  • We have now added several new thesaurus languages to Chimp 3. Available languages include English, German, Danish, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak and Swedish.

The following improvements have also been made:

  • Multimedia scrapers, Tip Creator and N-Spin editors now support both standard and enhanced Spintax output. To enable or disable, select Allow Jetspin Spintax enhancements from the Spinning section of the Settings form. Enhanced Spintax results in more spin variations with less text using the order (!) and reorder (~) tags.
  • Backup files can now be automatically created before autosave updates a file. The backup file is created after each manual save or file load. To enable, select “Auto-backup before autosave” from the Save & Restore section of the settings form. This feature can be used to undo any accidental changes that may have been saved by the autosave feature.
  • Added crash detection with attempted auto-recovery. On start after a crash, a prompt is displayed to ask whether experimental features should be disabled to improve robustness. Note that experimental features will always be disabled by default but may be turned on using the Settings form.
  • Added “Learn from spin” and “Reorder spin” features as previously implemented in Chimp Rewriter 2.
  • Added full Unicode support including Quick View, spell check and main editor.
  • Added color selection options for Word Run, Duplication and Similarities. Colors can be selected under the “Editor” section of the Settings form.
  • Added Save as RTF and Save as Plain Text to the profile file type selection. The existing Save as Text option has been enhanced to allow existing HTML tags to be retained.
  • Added Save as Text, Plain Text, HTML and RTF to the save all button in the Spin & Preview form.

The following reported bugs have now been resolved:

  • Resolved bug with WordAI API when spinning words with Unicode and apostrophe characters.
  • Save as HTML now uses the source file (minus the extension) as the title.
  • Fixed issue causing corrupted memory fault after grammar check cancelled before completion.
  • Fixed several reported Rapid Rewite bugs.
  • Fixed several reported bugs with Spintax highlighting.
  • Resolved several general crash issues.
  • Reverted symbols used for order and reorder enhanced Jetspin Spintax tags (! and ~ respectively). These were accidentally swapped in the previous release.
  • Fixed Spin All issue causing words inside spin to be skipped.
  • Replaced InstallShield Lite intsaller with Wix Toolkit to resolve several installation and upgrade issues.
  • Resolved issue causing crash on startup when restoring previous session in last Beta version.
  • Fixed issue with Quick View pane sometimes losing synch with the main document and consequently selecting the wrong word.
  • Fixed issue with Replace All not replacing when a phrase is selected.
  • Resolved issue with additional or missing paragraph terminators when spinning or reordering paragraphs.

Important: This version requires you to uninstall the previous version first!
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