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Why Manual Article Rewriting Is Super Important For Ranking On Google

So why is manual article rewriting important for ranking on Google? Well let’s look at this common scenario… You’ve attempted to have your article re-written using one of those free softwares on the internet at least once or twice but your article ended up looking ridiculous, as if it had been written by a robot. The inconsistency and the robotic jargon must have left you wishing you did it manually and, yes, you should have done it manually not just to make the article sound good, but also for great ranking on google. It is an undisputed fact that content […]

How to choose the best article spinner

Since Chimp Rewriter was publicly launched, there have been many bits of article spinning software that have come and gone. Here we will try to analyse a few things to think about when choosing a tool. Bear in mind that we use the term “spinning” and “rewriting” interchangeably – they mean almost the same thing to internet marketers. Some of these tools are online article rewriters, and some are desktop software which you download to your computer and run like normal software. The one that is best for you really depends on what you need to do. There are several […]

Can Chimp Rewriter be used as an alternative to Power Article Rewriter?

Short Answer: Yes! Power Article Rewriter is a content spinner that was relatively popular in 2011. It looks a little something like this… Some Chimp Rewriter users have come across from Power Article Rewriter for various reasons. The most common of these is that the software no longer seems to be maintained. If you are looking for Power Article Rewriter and either can’t find the original site or just want an alternative, Chimp Rewriter is a replacement that will definitely work for you. By comparison, here is what Chimp Rewriter looks like. The main functions present in Power Article Rewriter […]

What is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and how does it relate to article spinning?

LSI is one of those terms that is thrown around the SEO industry without much of an explanation of what it is all about. This is a quick read to bring to up to speed. In a nutshell, measuring LSI allows you to see how relevant your article is to your target keywords. As the title of this post already mentioned, LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It provides a way for a computer to look at some text and get an idea what it is about. Rather than just looking at what keywords are used in the text, it […]