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The advantages of online spinner may not outshine the advantages of offline spinner like Chimp Rewriter. An online spinner is a kind of software that takes the input text and spins it to make it a different piece of content any time you want. It’s generally used for en-masse content creation but it’s also used for more niche markets like:

  • Blogging
  • Scholarly work
  • Social Media
  • SEO content
  • etc

Check out our more in-depth piece on uses for article spinners.

How an online spinner works?

Most of online spinner software share similarities in how they work. Usually, they’ll take your text, recognize the words written, then check in an online thesaurus for synonyms, and then go to town changing almost every single word possible. Is this how human writes as an effective content writer?

This is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to spin content but it’s often plagued with mistakes as it will quickly lose context. 

How do you use an online spinner without losing great context?

First, you need to understand that tools are created to aid you and not to do everything for you. Adding personal touches to your writing to create a best content for your readers. 

How useful is a calculator if you don’t know basic math? Having basic grammar will greatly help with your article writing as a content writer. So, after that reality check, in order to avoid losing the context of your content you need to

  • Read
  • Understand
  • Research
  • Plan
  • Spin

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see how useful it is to have a spinner aid you in your content creation journey. Best content writer will want Google to rank the article high in the search result.

If you are in a hurry or just lazy (in my world we call it being efficient), leaving it everything to the spinner is not going to be good enough. Don’t spin the whole article all at once. Becoming a great writer will require basic grammar. Having great content will increase your odd of being a successful writer.

But! sectioned rewriting is another great way to avoid losing context. In most cases, you don’t need to do a whole lot of research or planning. Individually spinning paragraph by paragraph will prove to be an even more efficient way (or lazy, again it’s your choice) to spin your content.

If you are writing more complicated subjects like CRISPR or COVID vaccine article writing that actually need researching, understanding, and planning; maybe it’s better for you to write something from scratch. Such great writer now is quite hard to find.

Is it worth using an online spinner?

Like most free tools, they don’t aim to solve the problem but rather aim to catch the most eyes possible to later monetize with an upsell or a ridiculous amount of banner ads. Free tools will be helpful until they’re not. Learn to leverage them and you’ll do ok. 

If spinning is something you’ll be doing frequently, we recommend using the best paid ai-based tools like Chimp Rewriter as they will make your life immensely easier. Not only will Chimp Rewriter “understand” your text using Natural Language Processing, but it will also help you finish writing your text with its built-in tools. Chimp Rewriter is the best article rewriter tool. Check it out here to learn more.

Now, if you don’t mind spending some time reading and editing your text; let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using an online spinner.

3 Advantages of an online spinner

1. No need to download any software

As mentioned in its name, online spinners don’t need you to download any kind of software. As long as you have a stable connection to the internet, you won’t be needing anything else. Starbucks and coffee shops are normally within distant if you live in the suburban. But there are noise and distractions in such locations.

You can also use them on your phone! But how easy it is to write a whole article on the phone.

2. Easy to use 

Most spinners only have one or two options to choose from:

  • Spin Quality
  • Text Language

You could be at the beach with a cheapo laptop or with your phone, copying and pasting the content that you want to spin and forget about it. But having good quality content is harder to find. 

3. Free of cost  

If you aren’t planning on using them frequently and you don’t mind spending a lot of your time editing, then sure. A free tool could be ideal for you. But will it save you time or money?

4. Disadvantages of an online spinner

1. You need an internet connection

While it sounds wonderful to imagine oneself sipping mojitos at the beach while you work, the reality is that the reception might be a little bit shoddy at best. Unless you have an awesome reception or don’t fare too far from civilization, you’ll need to be near a wifi hub. 

That or you could use a paid tool like Chimp RewriterChimp Rewriter is an article rewriter that counts with a downloadable client. You will need a laptop or a desktop pc but you won’t need a constant internet connection as it is one of the only tools that don’t require you to be connected to be able to use it.

They do recommend you connecting once in a while to be able to update the community-built thesaurus and get software updates.

2. Too simple of a tool

Sure, it sounds great. A tool so simple that you can pick up and learn it in an instant. But at what cost? They only know how to do one thing: spin. And most of the time at a subpar quality. They lack keyword protection (for SEO purposes), community thesaurus, anti-plagiarism tools, etc.

Paid tools have a cost due to the years of development behind them. And they are worth it. If time is money, then saving time is worth the small price to get Chimp Rewriter.

3. Lack of coherence

AI-based spinners like Chimp Rewriter use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the human language in a written format. This means that it doesn’t spin your content mindlessly. It reads, understands, and spins to avoid losing any kind of context. It even imprints your style of writing when spinning using its built-in tool: Favorite Spin. 

Favorite Spin lets you bookmark words so the spinner can give them the priority and use them when it can. As writer, this add personal touch to your article writing.

4. Language Support

Most online spinners will claim to offer their services in other languages but they’ll be just as bad as it is in English. You’ll need to spend extra time editing, proofreading, and rewriting. Advanced tools like Chimp rewriter support over 10 different languages using the community thesaurus and NLP. 


While often being free, online spinners aren’t ideal if you are planning on making a living off of spinning content. One thing people often miss when spinning articles is to check for plagiarism

In the end, the most effective way to spin successfully is by putting in the work. Sure, AI-based spinners like Chimp Rewriter will make the job 1000 times easier but if you aren’t familiar with the content you are spinning, you will fail.

Why not take advantage of Chimp Rewriter’s 15-day free trial and see if it works for you?

If you are ready to pull the trigger, check out which plan suits you the best.

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