How to choose the best article spinner

Since Chimp Rewriter was publicly launched, there have been many bits of article spinning software that have come and gone. Here we will try to analyse a few things to think about when choosing a tool. Bear in mind that we use the term “spinning” and “rewriting” interchangeably – they mean almost the same thing to internet marketers. With the help of Chimp Rewriter, write my paper is an easy task.

Some of these tools are online article rewriters, and some are desktop software which you download to your computer and run like normal software.

article spinning example
Article Spinning Example

The one that is best for you really depends on what you need to do. There are several things to think about when looking for the best article spinner software available. Let’s get into them…

Online or Desktop

One of the biggest things that may influence your decision is whether you want software installed on your computer, or just want to log into a website and have it spin your article.

When you download software, it has to be compatible with your operating system. If you are on a Mac, then you will have some trouble finding good downloadable spinning software, as most products have been built for Windows. Chimp Rewriter is one of these, however many users use software like Parallels or VMWare to run Windows applications on their Mac easily.

There are a few benefits and drawbacks of both online article spinners and desktop article rewriters.

Desktop Article Rewriter Pros:

  • Much, much faster to use
  • Can be used offline (like when you are on a plane – like I am as I write this article)
  • Provide more ways to speed up the article generation and spinning process
  • Usually have additional benefits like adding the ability to write content from scratch, generate hundreds of articles or add your own synonyms

Desktop Article Rewriter Cons:

  • Need to be installed and updated (some can update automatically)
  • May not be compatible with your operating system (Mac)

Online Article Rewriter Pros:

  • Can be used on any computer without installing anything
  • Are updated without you needing to do anything
  • Usually simpler to use

Online Article Rewriter Cons:

  • Generally slower to use due to being web based (some are REALLY slow!)
  • Don’t have as many additional benefits like scrapers, submitters, and spinning tools
  • Can suffer internet downtime – either when your connection drops out or a server dies

Look at the above points, and consider what your requirements are. Are you always on different computers, own a Mac, or only need basic automatic rewriting capabilities? If so, an online rewriter might be the way to go. If you want more from your rewriter and want to be able to create high levels of uniqueness using manual spinning tools, a desktop spinning tool is the way to go.

Speed and Reliability

Article spinning tools vary greatly in this area. Some rewriters may run very quickly and almost never have any problems. On the other hand, some operate very slowly and can often crash – resulting in lost work and a LOT of frustration.

In fact, the reason Chimp Rewriter was developed was out of frustration with with slow speeds and crashes we expereinced in other tools at the time.

This is a very hard thing to determine before you buy your article spinning software.

Your best bet is to choose software that has a “no questions asked” refund policy of 30 days or more. If you encounter any issues with the tool, are simply not happy with the speed, or it frustrates you, just request a refund and try something else.

Add On Features

This is another area where rewriting tools tend to vary a lot. Some tools like to focus on only spinning, which means they won’t do much else. Some like to incorporate loads of different ways to speed up the process. The down side of this is that the software may look more complex to a first-time user.

Developing Chimp Rewriter, we faced a lot of hard decisions on this front. There were so many ideas and tools we wanted to build in, but would make the product too complicated.

Have a think about how you like to rewrite content. Do you prefer right clicking on words to add synonyms? If so, make sure you pick a spinning tool that allows this! Sometimes you will find features that you didn’t even know about. For example, many people love the rapid rewrite pane in Chimp Rewriter. It allows you to add loads of synonyms and phrases very quickly in a pretty cool way – see the picture below.

Rapid Rewriter
Rapid Rewrite

If you have never used an article rewriter before, and you don’t know where to start – look for some software that offers a free trial. That way you can jump in and see what features there and how they work. Chimp Rewriter comes with a bonus guide on how to use many features to your advantage.

Here are some of the features to consider:

  • Different ways of adding spintax so you can find one that works for you
  • Ability to automatically add synonyms and spintax in one click
  • Content grabber or article scraper to fetch content from the internet so you can spin it
  • A way to submit your articles directly to your websites
  • You own custom database or thesaurus so that you can build up your own set of synonyms, so that you can spin in a way that matches your langauge
  • Advanced tools to add huge amounts of spin in a short time

Automatic or Manual

These days, most article rewriting tools provide both of these options. The way they work is very different though.


Automatic article rewriter

Gone are the days when you could just automatically replace words with synonyms and hope that the article made sense. Now, the best automatic article rewriters use complex algorithms to only spin when the result makes sense to a human. Some will also restructure sentences to mean the same thing but in a different order.

Again, you don’t know how good a particular tool will be until you try it – so look for one with a trial. Whatever you do, don’t just believe the video or examples on the website. You will only see how well it works when you add in your own article and press the spin button.


It is highly recommended to do a bit of spinning using manual tools. If a computer is able to rewrite words and sentences, don’t you think that the massive computing power behind search engines would realise that the content is the same?

When you manually rewrite entire sentences and add your own synonyms, there is not a computer on the face of the earth that can properly decipher this yet. It is the only way to truly stay ahead of search engines.

Which one?

We recommend a combination of both! So choose an article spinning tool that can do both, and can do both well.

API (advanced users)

If you have no idea what an API is, check out this article: What the heck is an API?.

In short, it means you can connect your spinning software to other software products. These pieces of software will send text to the API, which will automatically spin it and send it back. An example is a wordpress plugin that automatically takes content from the internet, spins it with an API and posts it to your blog, without you touching anything.

Keep a look out for tools which offer and API. More importantly, have a look around and find out how many other bits of software talk to that API. If no software uses the API, it is no good to you. To give you an idea, some other popular internet marketing software that use spinning APIs are WP Robot (WordPress plugin), Kontent Machine (content scraper/builder) and GSA Search Engine Ranker (content scraper/builder).


In short, the way for you to find the best article spinner that works for you is to try some out. Look for a free trial and a refund period so that you have complete peace of mind when trying it out. If you like what you see, then stick with it – simple!

Of course I am a bit biased, but I’d recommend giving Chimp Rewriter a go. With over 19,329 users (at the time of writing), you get a pretty good idea that people love using it! With a 14 day trial and 60 day, no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee there really is no risk.

Chimp Rewriter combines some of the most powerful manual spinning tools with a very clever automatic rewriting engine that uses advanced algorithms to spin text in a way that sounds natural to humans, it really is one of the best article spinners out there.

To try it out for free today at

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