MainWP Integrates Chimp Rewriter

MainWP is a one of the best systems for managing WordPress sites that we have ever seen. We actually use it regularly to manage sites, which is why we were extremely happy to see that they had integrated Chimp Rewriter as one of their content rewriters and spinners.

You can read more about it on their docs site.

To use Chimp Rewriter with MainWP, you’ll need an API key. One is included with your pro subscription (with limited usage), or you can use a full API account.

For the Application ID, just use the name of your business or website.

If you aren’t familiar with MainWP, here’s some of the things we use them for across multiple websites:

  • Regular backups
  • Easy restores
  • Security scanning
  • Content posting from a central location
  • Plugin and theme updates

But they also do WAY more than this. You can read more at their website. Check out their Features and Extensions pages to see all the capabilities.

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