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MainWP Integrates Chimp Rewriter

MainWP is a one of the best systems for managing WordPress sites that we have ever seen. We actually use it regularly to manage sites, which is why we were extremely happy to see that they had integrated Chimp Rewriter as one of their content rewriters and spinners. You can read more about it on their docs site. To use Chimp Rewriter with MainWP, you’ll need an API key. One is included with your pro subscription (with limited usage), or you can use a full API account. For the Application ID, just use the name of your business or website. […]

Ruby Gem for Chimp Rewriter API v2

There’s a brand new Ruby gem so you can set up the API in your Ruby or Rails app in a few seconds Just use “gem install chimp_rewriter” or “gem ‘chimp_rewriter’, ‘~> 1.0.0′” in your gemfile (followed by “bundle install” and you are ready to go). How awesome is Rails? This gem takes full advantage of the new features in Chimp Rewriter API v2 including intelligent sentence rewriting. Check it out! Ruby Gem for Chimp Rewriter API v2 was last modified: December 5th, 2014 by The Chimp King

2 great tools to help you rank your sites

Since the release of Chimp API version 3, a few companies have been racing to build in the new features. Today I was supposed to announce the winner, but I’ll go one better. Instead, the announcement is TWICE as cool because Agarwal Innosoft have released TWO great tools. Those tools are Ultimate BookmarkR and AIO Wiki Poster. Ultimate BookmarkR is one the most advanced social bookmarking tools with over 32+ advanced features. Some of the most powerful of these are one click account creation and instant creation of unique titles and descriptions. Supporting 6+ social platforms, its multithreading capabilities will […]

Chimp Rewriter API Update Summary

Looks like the API update has gone very smoothly, with zero reports of any downtime or issues. Awesome 🙂 It may take a while for other software to make changes to their Chimp Rewriter API integration, so the new features may not be immediately available. We will attempt to get in contact with most of these. If there are any particular that you use on a regular basis and want us to contact, drop us a comment below. There are quite a few changes to how the API works, including the way we count requests. Here is a quick summary: […]

Chimp Rewriter API Upgrade Complete

The Chimp Rewriter API upgrade has been completed with under 10 minutes downtime. We have tested across various request mechanisms to ensure that legacy requests are working from our WordPress Plugin, desktop software and several others. However there is a very small chance that something could have gone wrong. If you are experiencing problems with the API please drop us a line at Happy spinning 🙂 Chimp Rewriter API Upgrade Complete was last modified: September 26th, 2014 by The Chimp King

Chimp Rewriter API Upgrade

This is just a quick courtesy post to let you know that in the next couple of days, the Chimp Rewriter API will be getting an upgrade. There may be a small period of downtime which should be no more than 20 minutes if everything goes to plan. Fingers crossed! We’ll let you know when it is complete. The new version will bring sentence rewriting, a much better thesaurus and all of the options available in the Chimp Rewriter desktop app Global Spin. It will also confirm allow SSL connections, accept all parameters as POST variables and return json output. […]