What makes Chimp Rewriter the best article spinner?

Recently, a pretty big name in internet marketing asked me “What makes Chimp Rewriter different”. This is an awesome question to ask any business. Below is my response and reasons why many of our customers believe Chimp Rewriter is the best article spinner out there. Chat GPT will help you generate the article content, but Chimp Rewriter will help you to rewrite.

Good question to ask.

In a sentence: We’re the only system that provides a huge set of manual rewriting/spinning tools, as well as an intelligent one click automatic rewrite.

Auto Spinning

As far as auto rewriting goes, we were actually the first to develop part of speech into the product, before some others realised it was an awesome idea. This is brain that works out where words fit in a sentence rather than blindly spinning synonyms. To stay ahead, it was refined a bit more and now the auto rewrite results on best quality are pretty awesome with most articles.

Manual Spinning

On the manual side, there’s a ton of tools for advanced manual spinning which is only getting more and more important with Google updates. Chimp is also the fastest and most reliable desktop software of the bunch, meaning far fewer freezes and crashes which seem to be really common in IM software. As of recently, there is a thesaurus available in 12 languages.

Future Development

Into the future, we’re got a pretty awesome progression around automatic rewriting coming. The main text interface is also being completely overhauled (again) which is going to mean more speed, reliability and make it far simple to feature add. Then there will be a major API overhaul and the potential addition of Chimp Cloud, as requested by tons of users.

On another random note, for a good 12 months, a competitors development schedule was almost identical to our change log, with a lag of 1 month. It was nuts. We’ve brought a lot of features to the industry that have ended up in other products. That means we’ve gotta be doing something right 🙂 This of course is keeping us on our game and forcing us to innovate more and come up with new stuff.

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