Chimp Rewriter 2.1.4914 Released

This update contains several improvements and bug fixes.

While not a forced update, it is highly recommended that this update be applied as soon as possible to avoid loss of work.

This update contains several bug fixes discovered in the previous version and can be downloaded from


  • Added a new option to the Editor section of the settings window to enable or disable automatic anchor tag wrapping of URLs when the editor is converted to HTML.
  • Added a favorite group to the top of the Synonym Selector allowing all favorites to be applied to a word or phrase with a single click.
  • Improved update speed of very large documents. The interface could seem laggy with very large documents (50,000+ words). Several improvements have been implemented to speed background tasks, coloring and responsiveness while editing very large documents.

Bug Fixes:

  • Profile load issue causes two profiles to be removed on each successive start, resulting in only one profile being available after the third start. This has now been resolved. An interim fix has been implemented to return the profiles back to restored state on affected systems.
  • Fixed spin cleaner bug stopping removal of synonyms matching the word before the spin if the word before the spin is the first word of a paragraph.
  • Removed part of speech determination during a favorite spin operation.
  • Spin is now applied to the main editor rather than the current focused editor (for example the variation editor) when performing a spin all, phrase spin all or favorite spin all operation.
  • Resolved anchor tag issue causing spin to be incorrectly formatted when spinning URLs.
  • Fixed non-English language resource file re-download on startup issue.
  • Resolved colortextbox on selection “value not set to reference object” exception occurring on startup in a small number of installations.

Please download the latest version from

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