Chimp Rewriter 2.1.4907 Released

Boy did the last release create some buzz. But not for the right reasons 🙁

Version 2.1.4904 contained so many changes that we delayed its release by a whole week allowing it to be rigorously tested. Unfortunately it turns out that this was not enough!

A number of users have reported startup issues with crashes and freezes. We are truly sorry for this. We have recently implemented security features into Chimp that unfortunately made it a little too brittle. We hope we have resolved all of the reported issues in this release. Please let us know if we haven’t.

This update contains several bug fixes discovered in the previous version and can be downloaded from

While not a forced update, it is highly recommended that this update be applied as soon as possible to avoid loss of work.

The following bug fixes have been addressed:

  • Incorrect license checks close Chimp Rewriter in evaluation mode.
  • Spin Tags replaced with empty spin.
  • Ordered spin incorrectly defaulting to random spin ordering.
  • HTML not properly rendered in the HTML spin viewer in Spin View and Spin & Compare.
  • HTML files not correctly saved in Spin and Save and Export features.
  • Some users experience a lockup on start at “Registering Plugins”.
  • “SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault” fault during startup.
  • File manifest crash on MD5 checksum verification.
  • Pressing Spin in HTML browser spin view mode causes a NULL fault.
  • Auto load after installation causes some issues. Functionality to be removed.
  • Threading and object not exist errors experienced by some users.
  • Part of speech tokenizer crash on startup.
  • Chimp task stays unning after application shuts down.

Please download the latest version from

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