The Crew

“Why does all internet marketing software suck?”

That was the question we asked ourselves over lunch, back in 2009. The same question that made us realise that there was a big hole in the internet marketing world for software that people actually wanted to use.

Our names are James and Mark, and we are two ex control systems engineers. In English, that means we wrote software to automate industrial machinery. We took complex industrial processes and displayed them on a computer screen so that they were incredibly easy to understand.

James Rose

James Rose

When James tells people he is a developer, they are usually a bit confused. People find it unusual that such a big nerd has the ability to translate the things people say they want into software. His downtime it spent snowboarding, wakeboarding, camping and goofing around. And playing lots of Battlefield.


Mark Beljaars

(Mark is too cool for social media)

Mark is a genius developer. There are some advanced topics and implementations that make some developers brains melt. To Mark, pretty much all of it is as easy as falling off a log. Somehow he still excels as developing incredibly intuitive software, making things very easy to use. Mark is the developer most companies wish they had.

Both James and Mark have been making money through affiliate marketing and ads since 2009. Even though the big G can be a real pain, they’ve kept up with the SEO game and survived through all the big updates which crushed a lot of the internet marketing world.

With their software superpowers combined with top rate SEO knowledge, they created a professional article rewriting and spinning package. Then they slapped a silly logo on the top.

Now, everyone from from big time American SEO professionals to SEO firms in France to the little guys operating out of their bedroom are using Chimp Rewriter regularly to churn out more content than they know what to do with.

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