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NOTE: These videos are for a past version of ChimpRewriter called SpinChimp. Many features are similar so they may still be of help, but the newest videos can be found here.

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1. Brief SpinChimp Introduction
2. Killer Features Overview
3. Using the Editor
4. Exporting From The Editor
5. Export Profiles
6. WordPress Submission
7. Copyscape Plagiarism Check
8. Replacement Tags
9. Understanding Projects
10. Latent Semantic Indexing

Brief SpinChimp Introduction

A short video showing some of the great features of SpinChimp that make it stand out above the rest.

Killer Features Overview

A short video showing some of the killer features of SpinChimp.

Using the Editor

This video shows you how to use the many features of the SpinChimp document editor. It also shows how to use the various spinners from within the editor.

Exporting From The Editor

This short video shows how to use the export wizard and profiles to export documents from the SpinChimp editor into various formats.

Export Profiles

This video explains how to modify or configure your export profiles. Export profiles allow you to define how SpinChimp will export the spin syntax for different document submitters.

WordPress Submission

One of the great features of SpinChimp is the ability to submit directly to WordPress sites. This video shows you how.

Copyscape Plagiarism Check

This video shows you how to use Copyscape integration from within SpinChimp to check your copy for plagiarism.

Replacement Tags

The SpinChimp tag features allows replacement data to be grouped into rows. This allows the Spin Engine to randomly replace data, while still maintaining data relationships.

Understanding Projects

This video shows how to use SpinChimp projects to group user added synonyms, favorite and hated words, protected words, replacement tags, export configurations, signatures and WordPress sites into separate projects.

Latent Semantic Indexing

A very short video showing how you can use projects to make SpinChimp automatically calculate the LSI relevant density percentage for your document.

Video coming soon!

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