Beginner Video Index  

1. Installing and Registering
2. Upgrading to Pro
3. Using the Editor
4. Rewriting Overview
5. Adding Content
6. Synonym Selector
7. Spin Editor (to do)
8. Context Menus
9. WordAI Integration
10. Spinning Best Practices (to do)
11. Auto Rewriting (to do)

Intermediate Video Index  

1. Downloading a New Language
2. Setting Advanced Options
3. Variation Builder (to do)
4. Rapid Rewrite
5. Scraping Content (to do)
6. Copyscape Duplication Checking
7. Word/Phrase Density
8. Exporting to WordPress (to do)
9. Tip Article Creator
10. Anchor Spin (to do)
11. Auto List Creator (to do)

Advanced Video Index  

1. Project Center (to do)
2. Advanced Exporting (to do)
3. Using LSI (to do)
4. Importing/Exporting CSV Data (to do)
5. Bulk Rewriting (to do)
6. Auto Text – Signatures, Tags, Snippets and Links (to do)
7. Instant Unique (to do)
8. N-Spin (to do)

SpinChimp Video Archive

While these are for an older version of ChimpRewriter called SpinChimp, they are still relevant as many of the features are the same.

See the SpinChimp Videos here