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Effective Content Marketing SEO using Chimp Rewriter

SEO and effective content marketing is getting crazy! How on earth are we supposed to keep up with adding relevant interesting content to our websites, submitting other content all around the web, commenting on blogs, keeping 5 or 6 social media profiles up to date, being part of communities and just generally keeping readers happy?

By far the most time consuming part of all of this is writing. Unless you’re a super human content producing machine, you’re going to struggle pumping out enough content to keep up with your competitors. It sucks, but it’s just the way it is.

That’s the whole point of article rewriting and spinning. You want unique articles to post without having to write unless your fingers bleed. Starting with one article, you can turn it into a unique piece in a couple of minutes, or even turn it into hundreds. The problem is you still have to write that darn seed article to begin with!

There’s a way to take all of this one step further. Even writing one article can take valuable time you could have spent being way more productive for your online business.

Enter outsourced effective content marketing.

For a long time, people have been having other people write their content. Believe it or not, there are people out there that just LOVE writing. Crazy huh?

Two common complaints are that it is either too expensive or not high enough quality. This is complete rubbish. These services allow you to dictate exactly how much you want to spend and how high quality the content will be. For a small amount of money, you can have content on tap. It’s that simple.

We’ve personally used these services, so know what they have to offer. Even if you’re a bit skeptical, it’s worth having a few articles written on the cheap just how much time this will save you. You’ll realise VERY quickly that your business will be much better off using these services. Remember that this is not like traditional outsourcing and you do not have to manage staff at all. There’s nothing stopping you from signing up to all of them (sign up is always free!) and seeing what you like the most.

So, let’s get into it. These are some of the best places to get effective content marketing for your website or for your SEO activities.


You’ll want high quality, inexpensive articles to use with Chimp Rewriter. Because of this we have partnered up with to offer you a 25% first time deposit bonus when you register with them right now. They have some of the lowest prices you will find online for this kind of service. For example, you can have a 150-300 word article written for as little as $1.50. What!?!

Hire Writers has connections with thousands of native English speaking writers with all different types of backgrounds, writing styles and experience. You can get very complex or simple articles written on any topic you can imagine.

You can be sure all content is original as (like us), they use CopyScape to verify all content passes the most sophisticated duplicate checker around. Turn around is around 1 day for a standard article. HireWriters also do a bunch of other cool stuff like:

ArticleTeller is an awesome SEO writing service that does a whole lot more than just write content. Sign up in under 2 minutes and start having content written for you immediately! There’s an extra cool little feature with ArticleTeller that you don’t get with other options: you’ll also receive a pre-spun version of the article with every order! Article Teller are an active ChimpRewriter partner.

At the time of writing, Article Teller boasts 7,500 writers and has tons of projects going on. There’s even a cool little store where you can purchase ready to go articles from approved writers without having to wait. Pricing starts at $1.50 for a 150 word article. That is insanely cheap.

They also use the incredibly precise CopyScape to check that all effective content marketing you receive is unique and original. There’s no risk as you can reject any articles you don’t think are up to scratch, and pay nothing until it is done properly.

ArticleTeller don’t stop at article writing. Services include:

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