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Thought you were just getting a ChimpRewriter license?

Nope. You get much more 🙂

There’s a bunch of extras that go along with ChimpRewriter than you can use for FREE. Take a gander below…

As a special offer, we are giving away a PLR pack of 5000 articles to get you started, for FREE! These can be used as a great source of inspiration or can be rewritten to produce unique and original content. They are PLR (Private Label Rights), so you can whatever you want with them. Even print them, fold them into paper planes and throw them at annoying people. Now these are only for ChimpRewriter Pro peoples, so if you missed the download in your email, contact us to get them! (quote your payment email so we know you’re a Pro user)

This is a free WordPress plugin ready to install on any WordPress website. Rewrite content without even leaving your blog! Multiple ways to rewrite including a popup lightbox in the WordPress editor window, choose to automatically rewrite posts as you click submit, or have the plugin periodically check for new content and rewrite that (this method works when there are other plugins or systems writing to your blog).

Protect your existing categories and tags from being spun in one click.

WordPress Plugin (Version 1.1)

This is a plugin to the all-popular universal bot creation tool UBot. UBot is an awesome tool which makes it crazy simple to build web automation bots to do practically anything on the internet on autopilot. The best part is you can even sell your created bots and make money from it. Awesome! Read more here.

This plugin can be added to any of your bots and will spin or rewrite text my making requests to the API. Create a bot with ChimpRewriter integration, sell it to people and make affiliate commissions from ChimpRewriter sales as well. 1-2-PUNCH!

This plugin was kindly written by UBot genius Theodore Gaushas of Botguru.net. Need any plugins, custom development or a licensing (copy protection) system for Ubot Bots? Give Theodore a yell.


You’ve seen how awesome ChimpRewriter is, and if you have a look around all the internet marketing forums, you’ll see no other rewriter even comes close to having the most positive reviews. This is 100% raw and real feedback from users all around the globe. That’s why we convert so well and have ridiculously low refund rates. It makes sense to get your piece of the pie and promote ChimpRewriter for some easy money. It’s a super quick signup over at the affiliate system. Payments are via PayPal and if you’re really awesome you can earn up to 60%.

You’ll find these banners ready to go with your affiliate link already embedded at the affiliate system, but here they are in case you want the original images.


You guessed it, this one is the ChimpRewriter Manual. Packed full of information about what do to with all the juicy features the Chimp has to offer. Having trouble with something? Just look it up in here.

ChimpRewriter User Manual

A quick and dirty C# project demonstrating use of the ChimpRewriter / SpinChimp API in a .NET application. It’s a working example where you can plug in your email, API key and make an actual request in seconds.

ChimpRewriter API Sample

Another quick and dirty PHP function library that will get you off the ground making requests to the ChimpRewriter / SpinChimp API as soon as possible.

ChimpRewriter API Sample (PHP)

Thanks to NiteoWeb (the guys behind Big Content Search), there is a fully fledged Python library which you can use to integrate the API in a matter of minutes! It lives here.

A swipe email aimed at newbies to the Internet Marketing industry. Copy has been written by world-class copywriter Daniel Scott. Daniel’s had a hand in huge Clickbank #1s as well as packages for major mailers, and is responsible for millions of dollars in sales.

Alternate Subject: How to make a six-figure income with your website.

ChimpRewriter Email Swipe 1 – Beginners

A swipe email aimed at intermediate level internet marketers who may or may not be familiar with article marketing. Copy has been written by world-class copywriter Daniel Scott. Daniel’s had a hand in huge Clickbank #1s as well as packages for major mailers, and is responsible for millions of dollars in sales.

Alternate subject: How to turn Google’s Penguin into profits.

ChimpRewriter Email Swipe 2 – Intermediate

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