Thank you!

Thank you for downloading Chimp Rewriter!

Click “START DOWNLOAD” if you have not downloaded the software!

After the download has finished, double click the executable to begin the installation process.

Chimp Rewriter requires Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2. The installer will automatically download and install the framework if it is required.

Still Using ChimpRewriter Basic?

Now is a great time to upgrade. ChimpRewriter is becoming more and more powerful, which means we won’t be able to keep the prices so long forever. When you purchase, the price is locked in for life which means no worrying about future increases!

When Chimp Rewriter is first run, you will be presented with the “Activation Wizard”.

Read the terms and conditions, then click the “I agree” tick box and press the “Next” button. The next screen (as depicted above) requests the following information:

  • Email: If this is the first time you have installed Chimp Rewriter, enter a valid email address here. If you have already signed up to our newsletter, make sure you use the same email address to avoid having to sign up to the newsletter again. Your email address will also be used as a unique identifier for yourself and may be requested when communicating with support services. Note: if you have purchased Chimp Rewriter, you MUST enter the same email address here that you used during the purchase process. If this is a problem, please contact our support team.
  • Password: You will require your password when reinstalling Chimp Rewriter, or installing Chimp Rewriter on another computer using the same email address. If this is the first time you are installing Chimp Rewriter, you can create any password you wish, however passwords must be between 5 and 20 characters long and consist only of letters and numbers. The password IS case sensitive.
  • Confirm password: Re-enter your password here to ensure that it did not contain any typos or key slips.
  • Forgot your password? Click this link to have the password automatically sent to the entered email address. Note that the password can only be sent to the email address that was used when the password was first created.
  • Sign up to newsletter: If you have already signed up to our newsletter, you may deselect this option. The basic version will not activate if you don’t have a valid subscription to our newsletter.

If you have entered in invalid email address or password, a red cross will appear next to the offending field. Hover the mouse cursor over the red cross to obtain additional information.

After all fields have been filled in, click the “Next” button. The Registration Wizard will begin to download the latest copy of the Chimp Rewriter Thesaurus database. The thesaurus database is modified on a daily basis to ensure that the thesaurus is always up to date and relevant.

If an error occurs at any point during the registration process, the registration wizard will display an error page giving detailed information on how the error may be resolved. Read the information presented, then click the “Back” button to try again.

If you require more information, click here to view our comprehensive users manual. Training videos can be found here. Further assistance may be obtained through our support page.

Thanks again for giving Chimp Rewriter a try.