Chimp Rewriter 2.1.4904 Released

A MASSIVE Chimp Rewriter update is now available!

We have addressed more than 60 improvements, bug fixes and feature requests. This is a mandatory update.

The update can be downloaded from

This version comes with a brand new and VASTLY IMPROVED English thesaurus. The way we select the quality of synonyms and phrases has been completely revamped and the results are awesome! We are super keen to hear your thoughts. The new thesaurus will not work on older version of ChimpRewriter which is why this update is mandatory.

Another significant improvement is a 10 fold decrease in memory usage and a 10 fold increase in spinning performance. That’s right – CHIMP IS NOW 10 X FASTER!!!!!!

As if that’s not enough, another great improvement is the introduction of a brand new spinner called the SPIN EDITOR. With this spinner, you can view your spun document in real time and modify synonyms directly from the spun content. You can also set Spin Edit to original mode to spin your document without ever getting lost in all that messy spintax. This is a huge leap forward in the field of manual rewriting.

New Features:

  • The new “Spin Editor” works as follows: If you click in the document editor it spins and loads the current sentence and paragraph into the Spin Editor and highlights the current location within the paragraph/sentence. If you click in the sentence or paragraph box in the Spin Editor then it locates the text in the document editor. Text is colored within the Spin Editor – blue is spun text and black is unspun text. You can generate spin versions or original version by using buttons in the toolbar. You can use the Synonym Selector to spin the current word.
  • A crazy new thesaurus is available for the first time in this version. We added some really cool statistical analysis to the previous version of Chimp and using this information we were able to tweak and adjust our weighting algorithms to amazing effect.
  • A “Command” attribute has been added to the profile editor. The command can be used to execute a program or script after each profile has finished exporting. Commands may also include the following special syntax: [filename] for export file name and path, [name] for export name only, [path] for export path only, [profile] for profile name


  • Document statistics are now displayed for each document in the Spin & Compare form.
  • Spin View now remembers and returns to current vertical scroll location after each spin.
  • Memory usage is significantly optimized allowing very large documents to be spun 100’s of times without causing an out of memory error.
  • The speed of spinning documents is now significantly increased.The speed improvements are realized in the Spin View, Spin & Compare and export functions.
  • A new and updated Part of Speech engine has resulted in greater accuracy of part of speech determination for words and synonyms.
  • Document statistics now show total character count in the Spin View.
  • New code has been added to allow language resource files to be automatically downloaded for different languages. This will allow language files to set the text of buttons, help text and so on. Stay tuned for regular language specific updates.
  • Upgrading from Basic version to Pro version no longer requires the application to be shut down and restarted.
  • A checkbox has been added to the upgrade window allowing the current version upgrade to be ignored.
  • The auto updater has been re-enabled allowing updates to be applied without downloading and reinstalling each new version.
  • Project and density tabs can now be opened/closed from the edit menu.

Bug Fixes:

  • Rapid Rewriter selection sometimes jumps back to a spun section causing Rapid Rewriter to “get stuck”.
  • Manually adding synonyms within the Rapid Rewriter textbox causes the synonym to be inserted into the wrong location.
  • Copyscape API highlighting disappears during text editing.
  • Profile text encoding always defaults to ASCII encoding.
  • RTL text causes highlighting and cursor location problems.
  • Learning from existing spin does not learn all synonyms.
  • Fixed several “index out of range” and null exceptions within the colortextbox control.
  • Changes to project values for signatures, tags and snippets do not update until after application restart.
  • Pressing the restore button in the options menu does not enable the apply button.
  • Profile export HTML file type does not work.
  • Overriding the export copy control mode or number of copies in the export manager does not work.
  • GDI exception on startup.
  • Exception in user class when determining machine code identifier.
  • Opening a new tab after all tabs have been closed causes the new tab to be shown in the “restored” state instead of the maximized state.

Please download the latest version from

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