Chimp Rewriter takes your content creation and article rewriting to the next level. With a combination of intelligent automatic rewriting and dedicated manual spinning tools, the effort required to churn out mountains of content is reduced to a fraction of that required by traditional methods. You will not find a content generating and article rewriter of this speed and quality in any other product, period.

Massive Commissions up to 40%!

From your very first sale, you receive an industry leading 40% on every dollar spent when you refer a new client to us. It doesn’t matter what they buy, you get the credit.

Oh, and you even make money of affiliates you refer with a second tier commission – send us a request if you would like to apply for second tier.

High Conversion Rate = More Money

Our website generates a massive conversion rate of 5-10%, combined with in software upgrades that you get credited for. The Web Marketing community know that Aiditorial software is of the best quality that they will ever find in the 


industry and are very willing to buy from us. With a great reputation comes great conversion rates, and more money for you! We’re always working to improve conversions with continuous split testing, optimisation and giving you the flexibility to link exactly where you want. Our sales websites are heavily optimised to load incredibly fast including CDN hosting for all major resources. Site speed is a major factor in conversion!

We’ll work with you

What’s good for you is good for us. Let us know what you want to do, how you want to link or even have a custom page set up personalised to your audience. For example, imagine a landing page on our site that says “Special offer for [Your Name Here] Subscribers!” Contact us and we’ll set something up.

Awesome Affiliate Tools

We provide some of the most comprehensive linking mechanisms and banners you will ever find. Banners come in every size you could ask for in a variety of colours so you will always find something perfect for your website. Linking methods allow you to link to any page you want and even make a direct link that doesn’t even look like an affiliate link! This works by checking the referral URL of your website which you can set up inside your panel.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler! We’ve streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking methods. The process is as follows:

  • Visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site or in an email.
  • The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
  • The visitor browses our site, and may decide to order.
  • If the visitor orders (the order need not be placed during the same browser session–cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely), the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  • We will review and approve the sale.
  • You will receive commission payouts on the 15th of every month (if your balance is at least $100) via PayPal. There is a 30 day buffer on approving sales, in case your referrals request a refund.
  • That’s it! You send us business, we send you money!

Second Tier Commissions!

Second tier commission is 5%.

You can get second tier commission by referring other affiliates to join our affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your subaffiliates, and you will earn 5% commission of their sales.

Each affiliate entity is only permitted 1 affiliate account. If you need to track different promotions then use our powerful subid feature, which are explained in the affiliate area. Multiple commissions earned from the same promotion are tracked and easily found using timestamps and will be cancelled.

Rules and Requirements

We do have some basic ground rules for the program, so please read before signing up:

  • All participants must have a PayPal account (in order to receive payouts).
  • You may not place ad bids on brand names including “Aiditorial”, “Aiditorial Corporation”, “SpinChimp”, “Chimp Rewriter” and any derivatives of these terms.
  • You may NOT receive credit for referring yourself.
  • Breaking these rules may result in deleted commissions and/or complete bans.

Ready to join?

Signing up and getting your account configured couldn’t be easier. You can be referring business our way in as little as five minutes.

Start Your 14 Day FREE Trial

Need more? Check out the full feature list.

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