Chimp Rewriter Feature Matrix

Chimp Rewriter is an awesome article rewriter enables Internet Marketers to perform most of the tasks related to promote their website. Chimp Rewriter Pro is a paid version that offers advanced features for Internet Marketers.

The matrix below compares features of Chimp Rewriter and Chimp Rewriter Pro. Hover over the feature for additional information.

Note that the free version of Chimp Rewriter (Basic) has been discontinued, but there is a full 14 day free trial of Pro.

User Interface

FeatureChimp RewriterChimp Rewriter Pro
Insane SpeedInsane SpeedChimp Rewriter was designed for speed from the ground up, and you will instantly notice this as soon as you run it up.YesYes
Rich Text EnvironmentRich Text EnvironmentAdd font styles, alignment, bulleted lists and more. If you are using Pro, you can export this as HTML ready for websites.YesYes
Familiar Ribbon InterfaceFamiliar Ribbon InterfaceLooks just like every major office application, so you will know your way around as soon as you begin!YesYes
WYSIWIG EditingWYSIWIG EditingChimp Rewriter supports bold, italic and underline character formatting; heading 1, 2 and 3; paragraph alignment; indenting and multi-depth bullet and numbering styles. All formatting can be converted to or from HTML making Chimp a great editor for creating content for your blog.YesYes
Undo/RedoUndo/RedoAll operations can be undone or redone. You can experiment to your heart’s content without losing or permanently modifying you previous article.YesYes
Article ImportingArticle ImportingChimp Rewriter allows you to import articles from word97 files, word2003+ files, plain text, rtf, HTML, OpenOffice Write files, Spin Chimp, unicode text, UTF8 files and more. Text can also be copied and pasted or dragged and dropped from a website. Most HTML formatting is also supported by the Chimp Rewriter editor. Multiple documents can also be merged together using Open & Merge.YesYes
Multiple Document InterfaceMultiple Document InterfaceOpen multiple documents at a time, in separate tabs. It is as easy as dragging an entire folder of text files in at once, and they will all be opened on their own tab. You can do bulk actions across all of them at once such as global spin and favorite spin.YesYes
Editor/Spin/Original ViewsEditor/Spin/Original ViewsEditor View – The main window where you edit your article. Spin View – Shows a random spin of the current article. This can be used to check the readability of your spun content. Original View – Shows the original article.YesYes
Profile/HTML/Browser ViewsProfile/HTML/Browser ViewsProfile View – Preview the output of an export profile. From here you can just copy it straight out into a submitter, or make sure you have set the profile up correctly for export HTML View – Shows raw HTML Browser View – Shows article as it would appear in a browser – Includes CSS Support!NoYes
Use OfflineUse OfflineYou can use Chimp Rewriter completely offline! Just let it contact the web every couple of weeks to update the thesaurus.NoYes
Licenses for separate PCsLicenses for separate PCsUse Chimp Rewriter on multiple PC’s for no extra charge. At the moment, we do not have liceses available for more than 2 PC’s, but this might change in the future.N/AYes
AdvertisementsAdvertisementsThe latest and greatest products that we use and recommend.YesNo


Writing & Research

FeatureChimp RewriterChimp Rewriter Pro
Article, Video & Image ScraperArticle, Video & Image ScraperSearch for articles, videos and images and store them with your project. To insert them into your document, simply double click them from within the Project Center. Multiple articles, videos and images can also be spun together to provide 1000’s of variations.NoYes
Multilingual Spell CheckerMultilingual Spell CheckerOn the fly highlighting of incorrectly spelled words. Make sure you don’t send unprofessional looking content out on the web.YesYes
Multilingual Grammar CheckerMultilingual Grammar CheckerYou read that right. Chimp Rewriter now has a fully fledged Multilingual grammar checker. This allows you produce your article with the utmost professionalism. Not only does it give you suggestions, but it gives you an explanation on why and how any grammar was incorrect!NoYes
Simple Article MetricsSimple Article MetricsSpin percentage and word count.YesYes
Advanced Article MetricsAdvanced Article MetricsLSI and word density calculations. Density can show LSI and other statistics for all words in the density pane. Filters can be applied to the density pane to track only the words and phrases that are important to you.NoYes
ProjectsProjectsSeparate your work for different niches or websites into projects. Projects allow you to have specific protected words, custom synonyms, favorite synonyms, hated synonyms, tags, signatures, videos, pictures and much more for each project.YesYes



FeatureChimp RewriterChimp Rewriter Pro
Multilingual Part Of Speech EngineMultilingual Part Of Speech EnginePOS matching identifies the context of words. The POS engine can work out if a synonym is a noun, a verb, an adjective etc. By matching the Part of Speech of a synonym to its original word, you can achieve gramatically and contextually correct articles!NoYes
Quick SynonymsQuick SynonymsA pop-out pane that usually sits on the left. It shows synonym quality, favorite status and Part of Speech (Pro). It is used to very quickly add or remove spin, add your own words and favorite or hate words.YesYes
Context RewriteContext RewriteRight click context menu which appears when you right click on a word. It presents syonyms, their quality as well as giving you the ability to protect a word or phrase or add a new synonym. Standard context menu functionality is also included such as cut/copy/paste.YesYes
Rapid RewriteRapid RewriteA pop-out pane that usually sits at the bottom of the main window. It shows synonyms for every word and phrase in either the current sentence or current selection. It is an incredibly fast way to rewrite your document.NoYes
Rewrite BuilderRewrite BuilderProvides a very quick and simple method to rewrite paragraphs or sentences using all the features of rich text environment including spell checker, synonym selector, grammar checker, auto rewrite and more. This is another pop-out pane which is usually displayed at the bottom of the screen.YesYes
Auto SynonymsAuto SynonymsA configurable one click rewrite that will spin the current document or all open documents with synonyms and phrases. The qualities and Parts of Speech (Pro) can be configured, so you can opt for high quality synonyms with POS matching or if you want lots and lots of spin, you can turn the quality down and the POS matching off.YesYes
Favorite SpinFavorite SpinSimilar to Auto Rewrite, but it will use all of the synonyms you have favorited.YesYes
Spin ReorderSpin ReorderPowerful iteration and permutation reordering of sentences and paragraphs result in millions of combinations of a single source article.NoYes
Phrase SpinPhrase SpinSimilar to Auto Rewrite, but it will always choose phrases to replace with phrases (two or more words). If you have a four word phrase as a synonym for a three word phrase, chances are pretty good that it will be a good replacement.NoYes
Spin TogetherSpin TogetherSelect some paragraphs, or some sentences and hit ‘Spin Together’. This will automatically put these paragraphs or sentences into spin syntax, so that they are spun with each other.NoYes
Auto RewriteAuto RewriteRewrites an article using one of the best quality synonyms avaiable for every word and phrase.NoYes
Instant UniqueInstant UniqueA super sneaky trick which enables you to beat Copyscape with a single click. It essentially replaces letters in your document with symbols that look the same. To a human, it reads the same, but to a computer it reads completely different!NoYes
Remove Original WordRemove Original WordOption to remove the original word when spinning, and from the quick spin pane. This will give you the most unique version from the original article.NoYes
Spin FlatteningSpin FlatteningAllows you to take a spun article with multiple levels of depth and “flatten” it to a single level, ready for submission with software and websites that only allow one level of spin depth. It will preserve 100% of the uniqueness of your article, which no other rewriter can do!NoYes
Spin & CompareSpin & CompareSpins the document and opens a powerful comparison matrix. This compares all spun versions of a document against each other, giving a true uniqueness percentage between all of them. With one click you can then highlight all of the differences between two spins to see how they differ. This makes it incredibly easy to find, edit and finalize the best spins for your submissions.NoYes
Edit In Any ViewEdit In Any ViewWords and synonyms can be edited from any view (spin, original or edit) and editing can even be performed from within the compare and spin window. This allows you to fine tune each rewrite before you publish or save it.YesYes
Spin Syntax CheckingSpin Syntax CheckingIf you have too many open or close spin braces, we tell you straight away so you don’t accidentally submit an article with spin syntax still in it!NoYes
Personal ThesaurusPersonal ThesaurusCreate custom synonyms, favorite syonyms and hate synonyms. Marking them as a favorite brings them to the top of the list, and hating them removes them altogether.YesYes
Thesaurus ImportThesaurus ImportImport new synonyms or import a list of favorite or hated synonyms from csv. These can be project specific as well.NoYes
Custom DictionariesCustom DictionariesFor each project, you can specify any number of custom dictionaries. These can be built up and shared and massively add to the built in synoyms. All languages are supported, so you can even set up projects for different languages!NoYes
Favorite/Hated WordsFavorite/Hated WordsMarking synonyms as favorite brings them to the top of the list, and hating them removes them altogether.YesYes
Protected TermsProtected TermsProtect your keywords or other terms from auto spinning. Entire sections of text may also be easily protected.YesYes
Protected Terms ImportProtected Terms ImportBulk import protected terms from csv. These can be project specific as well.NoYes
User Generated ThesaurusUser Generated ThesaurusOur thesaurus is built by the feedback of our users. This means that we can use general habits to always float the best synonyms to the top, every time!YesYes
Copyscape CheckingCopyscape CheckingCheck for duplicates of your article on the web.NoYes


Advanced Rewriting

FeatureChimp RewriterChimp Rewriter Pro
TagsTagsTags allow you to have a different word, phrase or link in each exported article. For example, you might have a NAME tag and an EMAIL tag. You mark where you want these in your document, then set up a couple of different names and emails in the tags editor. You can then generate an article for each set of tags.NoYes
SnippetsSnippetsSnippets are commonly used pieces of text that you might want to quickly reuse in your document. For example, you can set up a link that you might regularaly use, and this would then be available on the right click menu for quick insertion.NoYes
Bulk RewriteBulk RewritePoint Chimp Rewriter at a directory of articles, and it will automatically run through all of them and spin them with your global spin settings, saving them to a lcoation of your choice.NoYes
Random Paragraph OrderingRandom Paragraph OrderingChimp Rewriter can automatically re-order paragraphs to aid the articles uniqueness. Paragraphs can be locked in to place allowing other paragraphs to reorder around them.NoYes
Tips CreatorTips CreatorAn awesome tool which allows you to quickly and easily create tips based articles. This is a really good way to build highly unique articles.NoYes
Spin CleanerSpin CleanerUses powerful part of speech processing and artificial intelligence to parse and clean a spun article resulting in smaller, more efficient and more readable articles.NoYes
Bulk Directory CompareBulk Directory CompareCompare all files in a single directory against one and other. Individual differences are highlighted and comparison percentages are calculated.NoYes
Anchor SpinAnchor SpinSpins lists of anchor text and links together to create hundreds of combinations of anchor links to your site.NoYes
Auto ListAuto ListChimp’s part of speech engine is able to automatically rewrite lists within your article. This is a very powerful feature enabling articles to be written automatically without losing readability.NoYes
N-SpinN-SpinThis wizard allows you to create hundreds of variations of a list within seconds.NoYes
Learn From SpinLearn From SpinAutomatically teach Spin Chimp new words and synonyms to add to your local synonym database.NoYes
Power ProjectsPower ProjectsGroup together articles, protected terms, images, videos, files, links, sites, signatures, tags and much more into projects. Projects can be configured for each niche you work in.NoYes
Word Run (phrase) HighlightsWord Run HighlightsHighlight unspun word runs of 3 or more words to ensure your article passes even the most stringent plagiarism tests.NoYes


Exporting and Submitting

FeatureChimp RewriterChimp Rewriter Pro
Powerful Blog SubmitterPowerful Blog Submittertrickle your article or a spun version of it directly to multiple WordPress sites.NoYes
ExportingExportingExport the current or all current documents to various spin formats. There are several built in right out of the box, but there are more in Chimp Rewriter Pro.YesYes
Custom Export ProfilesCustom Export ProfilesDefine your own export profiles for whatever spin syntax your submitter or article network require.NoYes
SignaturesSignaturesDefine signatures with links that can be attached to your article based on your export profiles.NoYes
HTML ExportHTML ExportExport rich text to HTML, ready for websites.NoYes


Extra Awesomeness

FeatureChimp RewriterChimp Rewriter Pro
API AccessAPI AccessUse ChimpRewriter from within partners’ software. Endless possibilities!NoYes
Auto rewriting WordPress PluginAuto rewriting WordPress PluginAutomatically rewrite posts without leaving your WordPress blog. Even have the blog rewrite all by itself without any input from you!NoYes
Weekly Thesaurus UpdatesWeekly Thesaurus UpdatesThe ever growing thesaurus is updated every single Weekly!YesYes
Super Fast SupportSuper Fast SupportOur support is second to none. We repeatedly receive awesome praise for the speed and friendliness of our support team.NoYes
And Much More…And Much More…We have just touched the surface. Chimp Rewriter has literally hundreds of features!YesYes

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